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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Architects

Architecture is a highly specialised and a technical profession. Architects in the course of their practice makes thousands of small and big decisions to turn their client's vision into a reality. Your clients rely on your expertise to provide them with the best construction plan possible.

Constructing a Residential Building or a Commercial Building is a significant investment for your Client in terms of time and money. Months and even Years are spent in construction of a Building.

Even though the Architects may have best intentions of the client in mind, Errors and Disputes can arise for the smallest of matters.

Small errors may result in losses of Crores of Rupees for the Client. Such losses may result in Client suing the Architect for his monetary losses.

A case against the Architect may tarnish his reputation and also require substantial financial resources to defend the case in Court. Should the Architect lose the Case, he may be liable to pay Substantial Damages awarded by the Court.


An Architects’ Professional Indemnity Insurance (also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance for Architects) will protect the Architect and his Firm in such a case by covering the Defence Costs incurred by the Architect in Defending the Case in Courts. The Insurance Policy will also cover Compensatory Damages awarded by the Court.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

Doctors in the course of their duty handle scores of patients on a daily basis. Doctors are responsible for making decision relating to the patient’s diagnosis to advising them for their medicines and even conducting surgeries. These decisions are immensely critical for a patient’s well-being.

A minor lapse in judgement or any negligent mistake committed while discharging your duties might have an adverse impact on the patient’s health.

Such cases often result in the Patients suing the Doctors in Courts and the Courts also award Substantial Damages.

Consider the case of this Ahmedabad based Doctor where the Gujarat State Consumer Dispute Redressed Commission ordered the doctor to pay Rs16 lakhs as damages. The frequency of such cases has been increasing by the day and Doctors have been sued even for minor mistakes.

The Court may award huge Compensatory Damages which the Doctors may not be able to afford. They may have to sell Personal Assets, like a House or a Clinic, or use up savings to fund the Damages awarded by the Court

To safeguard themselves, Doctors should, thus always, protect themselves with a Doctors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance in India (alternatively known as Medical Malpractice Insurance)

Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O) for Media Companies

Let the Experts take care of your Insurance Needs

You have landed the much needed break to create a podcast for Spotify or Audible. It is your big opportunity that you have been waiting for all these years.

But did you know that as a Content Creator, you can get sued for Defamation, Libel, Slander, Invasion of Privacy, Plagiarism etc?

Such Legal Cases might set your career back by years. The Costs of defending such Claims are also substantial.


Media Companies and Content Creators should protect themselves with an Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy. A Media Errors & Omissions Policy (also known as Media Professional Indemnity Insurance or Media Liability Insurance) will protect the Company against Claims of Libel, Slander, Invasion of Rights to Privacy and Plagiarism

Jeweller’s Block Insurance

Qian - At the Forefront of Jeweller's Block Insurance

If you own a Jewellery Shop, then this is the most important thing that you will ever read:

  • Are you always worried about the safety of your stock in the Jewellery Shop?
  • Are you worried that a Small Fire in the Shop can destroy a lifetime worth of efforts?
  • Are you scared that your Jewellery Shop will be robbed in the dead of the night?

A standalone Jewellery Shop will normally contain Jewellery worth Crores of Rupees. As a result, Jewellery Shops are prime targets and prone to theft due to their valuable nature.

Consider the case of this Jeweller who got robbed in broad daylight during lunchtime. Such incidents are very common and hence you should always secure your Jewellery Shop by purchasing a Comprehensive Jeweller’s Block Insurance Policy.

Group Health Insurance Policy for Employees

Secure your Employees with a Group Mediclaim Policy

After years of hard work, your Company has reached the big stage. Your employees were part of the ups and downs, highs and lows. You couldn’t have done it without your employees. The employees have given their life for the growth of the organisation.

But do you take care of your employees?

Your employees may be going through their own trials and tribulations in their personal lives. A Spouse may be suffering from Cancer or maybe a Child has met with an Accident.

All these Ailments and Injuries require hospitalisation and the treatment requires substantial financial resources. Such unplanned expenses may lead to financial distress for the employee.

An advantage of a Group Health Insurance Policy (also known as Group Mediclaim Insurance) is that will assist your employees during such tough times by reimbursing them for their hospitalisation expenses and this is very important.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Secure Employees against Accidental Death or Disabilities

Your employees have been a critical part of the success story of your organisation. Employees are company’s most important assets and a happy and motivated workforce is the key to ensure the success of your company.

So how do you ensure that your employees are happy and motivated?

It is by standing with your employees and taking care of them during their tough times.

Imagine one of your employees or his/her family meets with a tragic road accident. Apart from the Bodily Injury or Disability that he may suffer, he might lose Income on account of missing work. However, Hospital Bills keep mounting during this tough period. Also, the Regular Expenses such as Children’s School Expenses, Food Expenses etc. would continue. It can be extremely tough to manage expenses during such a tough period. Your help at this critical juncture could prove crucial for the employee.

Insuring the employees under a Group Personal Accident Policy can be invaluable help for the employee during this tough time.

Group Term Life Insurance

Employees are an organisation’s most vital assets. It is the employees who are responsible for the company’s success.

Employees have spouse and children who are dependent on them. An employee’s untimely death may seriously impact the family as they face a Loss of Income following his demise. Children’s Education and Marriage Expenses, Regular Living Expenses take a toll on whatever savings they have.

At such a time, Compensation from the Insurance Policy would be of immense help to the family.

As an employer, you can provide security for your employees by purchasing a Group Term Life Insurance Policy.

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees. It is the duty of the employers to provide a safe and hygienic working environment for their employees so that they can discharge their duties without any adverse impact on their health. Many employees work in dangerous circumstances in the course of their job. Many times things go wrong with the employee and an accident occurs resulting in employees losing their lives or becoming permanently disabled.

This results in the families of such workers facing financial distress. Employers should take care of their Employees in such circumstances.

Group Travel Insurance

Only worry about your business!

Corporate Travel has become essential with businesses going global. The Group Travel Insurance plans are therefore exceedingly popular among the Corporates for their employees. From an organisation’s perspective, you want to be secure against any travelling related problems.

Public Liability Insurance

Every Business or Factory has certain risk exposures. Accidents happen even though you might have the best of intentions in mind.

Such Accidents may sometimes lead to Bodily Injuries to Innocent Third Parties or Damage to their Property. This may result in substantial financial losses to the Third Party.

Consider a case where a Fire in your Factory spreads to the surrounding factories resulting in Property Damage and Injuries and Deaths of Workers as well. Since the fire originated in your premises, you are liable for damages to the surrounding factories.

This is why securing your Business with a Public Liability Insurance Policy is a must.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

A must have for your organisation

Are you a director of a company? If so, a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy is a must for your organization. Let us tell you why.

In today's times, a Company Director is exposed to various litigation risks. The Director's personal assets are at risk due to wrong business decisions.

Consider the famous case of Satyam where even the innocent directors were sued for a huge sum and the D&O Insurance Policy had paid for their Defence Costs.

A Director's and Officer's Insurance Policy (commonly known as D&O Insurance Policy) would be immensely useful in such cases. A Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy provides cover for the liability of Directors on account of the wrongful or negligent acts committed by them in their managerial capacity.

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