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Term Life Insurance

Guaranteed Protection that secures your family

Welcome to Qian, where we are on a mission to secure our Clients with the best Term Life Insurance Plans.

You have been lucky to have a dream life. An amazing spouse, lovely kids and a great work-life Now you wish to travel the world with your family. You look forward to send your kids for their Graduation to an amazing university overseas.

Now, what would happen to those dreams in case of your Death? It’s a possibility that no family wants to think about but should always be prepared for.

We, at Qian, will assist you in choosing the Best Term Life Insurance Policy based upon your family goals and requirements so that the needs of your family are well taken care of even in your absence.

Remember, a Term Life Insurance Policy is for the Long-Term Security of people dependent on you.

Individual Health Insurance

We live in times where lifestyle diseases are increasingly common. Due to sedentary lifestyles, most people are suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes etc.

Critical Illnesses like Cancer are also becoming increasingly prevalent on account of air pollution, smoking etc. A report in WHO estimated that 1 in 10 Indians likely to suffer from Cancer during their lifetimes.

Did you know that the Average Treatment Cost of Cancer can easily exceed a Couple of Lakhs while that of a Bypass Surgery can exceed 5 lakhs?

Such unplanned expenses can put a big dent in your savings and impact lifestyle.

It is thus necessary to be prepared for such emergencies by opting for an Individual Health Insurance Policy.

Family Floater Health Insurance

Zero Compromise on your Family’s Health

If you have not secured your family with a Health Insurance Policy, then this is the most important thing that you will ever read:

Did you know that an unplanned hospitalisation can spoil all your well laid out plans?

Hospitalisation can result in huge bills and throw a family's finances into disarray.

Lifestyle Diseases are on the rise. India is the Diabetes Capital of the world while WHO has estimated that 1 in 10 Indians will suffer from Cancer in their lifetime.

The treatment costs of such Diseases and Ailments are very expensive.

If there is ever an Insurance Policy that is a must have for a family, it is the Family Floater Health Insurance.

Imagine your Wife or Child being in a Hospital due to an Accident requiring Immediate Surgery. Such a Surgery may easily cost 3-5 lakhs. At such a crucial time, lack of money could prove to be a huge constraint.

Having a Health Insurance Policy may prove to be of tremendous help during such a time. It will ensure that you can afford the best of treatments for family members should such a need arise.

Be it a Complex Surgery for a Family Member or treatment for that Crucial Bypass Surgery or Cancer, a Comprehensive Health Insurance Cover will be of great help during your time of need by reimbursing your Hospital Costs.

Make a Smart Choice. Insure your Family with a Family Floater Health Insurance Policy.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Live Worry Free in your Old Age

You've finally attained retirement from work. You wish to travel the world or learn Piano or Scuba Diving.

Did you know that hospitalisation expenses can take a severe toll on your retirement corpus? Senior Citizens, because of their age, are more prone to ailments and diseases. In addition, their hospital stays are also more likely to be of longer duration. What this means is their hospital bills are also likely to be higher.

If you do not have a Health Insurance Policy which will cover such hospitalisation expenses, then you are putting yourself at grave risk. It is a wise choice to be prepared for any eventuality.

A Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan might be the answer that you were always looking for.

Super Top-Up Health Insurance

Increase your Health Cover at Affordable Premiums

You are aware of how important a Comprehensive Health Insurance Cover is for a family.

You have tried to purchase a Health Insurance Policy for yourself and your family members, but the premiums are very expensive and unaffordable.

However, Expensive Premiums are no reason to not purchase a Health Insurance Policy.

Super Top-Up Health Insurance Policy could be the solution that you have been looking for.

Motor Insurance

Save Money on your Car Insurance, Each and Every Time!

You have finally purchased your dream car. The shiny Red Mercedes that you always dreamt about. This was the car that you wanted since you were 18 years old. It is your prized possession.

You can’t wait to take your family out in the car.

But before you do, make sure that you have a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Personal Accident Insurance

Life is uncertain. Accidents happen. You can do nothing but prepare for it.

A Road Accident or an Injury sustained during Bungee Jumping can throw your family's life into despair.

A Disability caused due to an Accident means that you might not be able to go to work.

You suffer from Loss of Income. All this while your Kids' education expenses and regular household expenses continue. At the same time, your Treatment Expenses for Injury increase.

This can be a very difficult situation to manage.

If you have not prepared for such an eventuality, you are putting your family at risk.

You can secure your family from such an eventuality by purchasing a Personal Accident Insurance Policy (also known as PA Insurance Policy).

It is always wise to be prepared for the unexpected.

Travel Insurance

Explore the world without any worries!

Secure yourself from possibilities that may spoil your trip. The purpose of your travel maybe a vacation, business trip or moving abroad for studies. You would want to enjoy your trip hassle-free and travel insurance eases the financial burden from any losses incurred during your stay.

Home Insurance Policy

Fire Related accidents have been all too common for business disasters. A small short – circuit or an explosion has destroyed huge factories and buildings. Fire damage can result in losses of crores of rupees. It can easily destroy years of savings and set your business back by years.

Moreover, after a fire incident, you would require substantial investments to resurrect your business. These investments will be required precisely at a time when you are stretched for resources as your business has been destroyed by a fire.

That is why it is always a wise idea to insure your valuable assets with a Fire Insurance Policy.

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