Commercial Insurance

Standard Fire and Special Perils Insurance (Fire Insurance)

Fire Related Accidents have been all too common for Business Disasters. A small Short – Circuit or an Explosion has destroyed huge Factories and Buildings. Fire Damage can result in losses of Crores of Rupees. It can easily destroy years of savings and set your business back by years.

Moreover, after a Fire Incident, you would require substantial investments to resurrect your business. These Investments will be required precisely at a time when you are stretched for resources as your business has been destroyed by a Fire. That is why it is always a wise idea to Insure your valuable assets with a Fire Insurance Policy.

Fire Loss of Profit Insurance (Business Interruption Insurance)

A Major Fire Accident can bring your business to a standstill for several months or even a year. During the time you are trying to bring your business back on its feet, you suffer Loss of Sales and Profit which the business would have earned had it been operating smoothly.

Meanwhile, various Fixed Charges like Employees’ Salary, Interest Payments on Bank Loans, Rent of Premises have to be continued even though your business earns no income during the period.

These payments, which need to be made exactly at the time when you are stretched for Cash on account of the Fire Loss, may be very difficult.

This is exactly the time when a Business Interruption Insurance will come into play, ensuring that you do not face any Loss of Income even though your Factory/Commercial Establishment gets destroyed in a Fire and your Earning Capacity is diminished.

Keyman Insurance Policy

Secure the future of your Company with a Keyman Insurance Policy

A company's owners invest substantial time and resources behind training their employees and acquainting them with the latest skillsets required to ensure the company's success.

The loss of such an employee can stall the growth of the firm for years and could lead to the firm posting financial losses. It is in such a scenario that a Keyman Insurance Policy comes into play.

Factory and Warehouse Insurance Policy

Factories and warehouses form the backbone of all the manufacturing and storage related activities that happen in India. A factory setup will involve the building, creation of plant, installation of machinery and equipment, storage of stock/inventory (raw material as well as finished goods). Warehouses are the key for various business that involve storage. Additionally, there will also be electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, fixtures, money stored in safe, etc. These are all expensive assets and form an important part of the business setup. Any disturbance to this setup can be detrimental to the business and ruin years of hard work. An accident or unfortunate event can happen anytime, hence risk management is critical to the overall success of businesses.

Risk management – Warehouse and Factory owners need to identify the various risks they face and suitably mitigate or eliminate risk. A Factory Insurance Policy is an important tool to secure your factory assets.

Contractor's All Risk Insurance

Today, we protect most of the assets that we own by means of an insurance policy. For eg we protect the plant and machinery in our factory with a Factory Insurance Policy or we protect buildings with a Fire Insurance Policy.

Similarly, there are many risks to which a project is exposed to during the construction phase. In order to secure the project during the construction stage, we opt for a Contractor’s All Risk Insurance Policy.

Accidents Happen. That's why buy Marine Insurance

Does your Business involve Exports and Import of Goods either by Rail, Air or Sea? Have you faced situations where these Goods have been Damaged either by Ingression of Sea-Water during a Voyage or a Fire?

Has your Consignee ever refused to accept Goods as they were in a Damaged Condition? Such instances must have resulted in Significant Losses for your Business.

Whenever Goods are being transported, they are exposed to various Risks during Transit and even while Loading and Unloading. The Ship or the Vehicle carrying the Cargo may catch Fire or may be involved in an Accident. It may be attacked by Pirates at Sea or may Collide with Other Goods. Such occurrences result in substantial financial losses for the Cargo Owner.


A Marine Insurance Policy is the best option to protect your Cargo from any Damage that may occur to Goods whilst in Transit.

Inland Transit Insurance

Cargo Insurance for Transits within India

Your Business involves Transporting of Raw Materials and Finished Goods across India. The Goods pass through Risky Areas or maybe the Goods have to be transported through inclement weather conditions like Heavy Rain.

A Simple Overturning of the Transporting Vehicle would have caused Losses of Lakhs of Rupees to the Cargo.

Did you know that a Transit Insurance for Goods in India (also known as Domestic Transit Insurance) will compensate you for Damages due to Fire, Lighting, Overturning or Collision of Transporting Vehicle?


An Inland Transit Insurance Policy or Insurance for Transit of Goods is the best option to protect your Goods from any Losses or Damages that might occur whilst in Transit within the Country.

Shipping Container Insurance

Personalised Insurance Solutions for Shipping Containers

Are you a Freight Forwarder, a Shipping Agent, or a C&F Agent involved in Export, Imports or Domestic Transit?

Does your Business involve Shipping Companies Leasing or Renting Containers to your Company to load Cargo in the Container for transport?

Did you know that you may be liable for the Damage to Container itself?

Shipping Containers could get damaged either in a simple Overturning while Loading or Unloading or even a small Collision. Another possibility is that the Carrying Ship might get involved in an Accident or Collision resulting in Container Damage.

These Containers are expensive and any sort of Container Damage would involve Financial Penalties to be paid to the Shipping Company.


A Container Insurance Policy.

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